Meanwhile there is also lack of part of finding in reality and not of false promises of the alternative we need and fulfilling our requirements which are not as small when it comes to one of the most important choices we get in life.

Then what is the best way to buy a property?

The answer is very complex!

On the one hand, we have property owners who choose to publish information on different websites without describing them, or even without photos. And how can this be thought in 2017 ?! The information is a row, "Apartment for rent in Tirana on the boulevard .... Price Negotiated x Leke ". If this information is the first start point for "CLICK" and pulled to full information, if it is truncated then this information is of no value.

That is, different information platforms take on the quality and accuracy of the information they transmit. If this information is not presented properly or is incomplete, then there is a possibility of depreciating a good property or vice versa. For this we created a premium photo property section, where you can view & filter property from different people that have pictures.

But not just so ...

Many of you, as mentioned above, may have experienced any online end-to-end email marketing that is "cast off" and "disturb" us with reports that are of no value to us. For this I take some steps that differentiate us from the market.

now,   you will see a list of properties of interest to you . This section in the format of some special notices is filled with the preferences you have and is not a solid ruby, as the market itself is not solid. It is constantly updated by being marked or sold or sold or even watched by you. This will serve you a lot if you are looking for a particular property as you will know at any moment which property you have seen and which one you will not and will see how different properties are placed on the market at the respective prices. This does not mean that you will always stay online and see the changes in the box, because for any new published property, which is part of your requirements, you will be notified immediately by email.

For all of you who still have doubts as to whether you are doing the right solution, let the technology help you because it works automatically as per your requirements.